Monday, October 20, 2008

Perfect Fall Weekend

This is our last weekend in Northampton. Delia had a great time jumping in leaves and riding her bike. She is asking a lot of questions about the new house, such as, " New House have beer?" Always focused on the important issues.

Delia woke up before sunrise today and in trying to convince her to go back to sleep, I asked her what time it was. "Early o'clock."

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Columbus Day

It has been a picture perfect New England Fall weekend. Delia is enjoying playing "soccer ball" in the backyard and can even dribble! Our friends Aida and Sebastian came over to play after a 22 mile (!) bike ride on the bike path near our house.

We had a very successful tag sale this weekend and feel great after the purge. Delia was a great salesman- she told one customer that he "plobaby needed a bookshelf." How could he resist?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Long time, no see

These are some of the latest Delia photos.

We are a family in transition at the moment- Alan has moved to Geneva, New York for his position at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, and Delia and I will join him in 3 weeks. The separation has been hard on all of us, but Delia seems to weathering it with only minimal trauma. She gets to spend a day a week with her grandparents (which everyone loves) and is happier at day care when she's not there full time.

Delia's verbal skills have improved exponentially over the past few months. She likes to "hang out on the couch" and to "go upstairs and check out what's going on." She's working on using "probably" correctly and I don't have the heart to correct her pronunciation (plobaby).

Alan likes his new job so far, but he's adjusting to teaching men. His classes have been small and the faculty very supportive which has allowed for a easy transition...and enough time to get the new house in order. Our new place looks like Elliot's house at the end of E.T (does that date me?)- covered in plastic and machinery. By the time we move in, we hope to have all the wood floors refinished and all the rooms painted. I can't even picture it without the shag carpeting and plaid wallpaper,

I am overwhelmed with the minutiae of moving, which doesn't allow me the time to reflect on what we're leaving behind. I am moving without a job and I am a bit unclear of what my options will be. It will be a big change to go from overdrive to second.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Yogurt: the organic styling product

A week of firsts and lasts

This was a big week in the van Eaglegiessen household. Delia used her potty for the first time, which was a surprise even to her. She was a little traumatized by the whole experience, but climbed back into the saddle (so to speak) the next day. This week was also the last time Delia nursed. That news will probably shock many of you that we nursed this long and shock others that we are quitting so early. It seemed like the right time for both of us and given the ease of transition, I know that it was.

Delia is now making 2-3 word sentences, wielding a fork with finesse and riding Stuart whenever possible. She is very excited to have 2 new cousins this summer.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

You know you shop at Whole Foods too often when...

your toddler daughter catches sight of a bag of nachos and yells "Newmans!" She prefers the fig bars, thank you very much.


A few weeks ago, Delia was playing with one of her baby dolls and I told her she was a good Mommy. She responded, "No. MommyDaddy," pointing to her chest. My unbiased interpretation is that she sees Alan and me as a seamless parenting unit with no real division of labor. Just the way we'd like it. It's when she says things like "MommyStu" that I start to worry.